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Dec. 1, 2022

The Unlimited Potential of the Creator Economy with Eva Longoria and Sahil Bloom

The Unlimited Potential of the Creator Economy with Eva Longoria and Sahil Bloom

Social media isn’t just a multi-billion-dollar industry for the creators of the most popular platforms. Today, anyone can reach millions and turn their ideas, creativity, and passions into purpose and profit. So it should be no surprise that influencers generate more than $100 billion per year, and that number continues to trend upward as more platforms cater to creators. Because of that, the creator economy has completely reshaped the way we think of brands, e-commerce, and business, and influenced the way we consume media. If you’re a citizen of the Internet, you’re impacted by the content that finds its way into your social feeds daily. In this episode, actress Eva Longoria and investor-turned-influencer Sahil Bloom explore how to fine-tune your social feed and why there is still so much more room for growth for creators, new and old. 

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In this episode, we cover:

(03:15) Meet Eva Longoria and Sahil Bloom

(04:24) How Eva always knew she’d be successful and how she got into acting

(07:51) How the internet has changed privacy for celebrities

(09:13) How Instagram and Twitter helped decentralize trust and create opportunities 

(10:30) How Sahil became an influencer, even though he didn’t intend to 

(12:42) How innovation is fueled by solving problems and authenticity

(14:58) How sharing your day-to-day struggle online helps you gain trust 

(16:15) Why being a little older starting out was protective for Eva Longoria 

(17:50) How most influencers aren’t even making a living wage

(21:16) How to keep your mental health in check when you’re online for work

(22:22) The difference between wealth-building and income generating

(24:21) How Sahil plans his posting around other projects to keep them tied together

(26:30) How Eva prioritizes projects based on if she will enjoy them

(29:31) Why Eva invested in Angel City FC to empower women and help with equal pay

(32:22) Why it’s easier to create like-minded communities now

(33:32) Why Eva is careful about everything she consumes

(35:50) The pros and cons of how easy it is to create and consume content

(38:15) The best tools for creating communities 

(40:00) How Eva facilitates her fan community 

(41:22) Will AI avatars be interacting with fans on Web3

(43:35) What is the Pratfall Effect 

(44:41) How people are intimidated by Web3 and crypto

(46:00) Last tips on how to stand out and be successful as a content creator

(53:00) Brit’s closing


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