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Oct. 13, 2022

How Anyone Can Make Money In Real Estate

How Anyone Can Make Money In Real Estate
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It used to be that real estate was just for the wealthy. But technology changes and the shifting world of remote work has opened up opportunities like never before. From short-term rentals to investing in commercial real estate, the barrier to entry has never been less, and the upside has never been greater. In this episode of First In Line, we speak with Sam Parr (Founder of The Hustle, Co-Host of My First Million) and Ben Miller (Co-Founder of Fundrise) about all of the exciting ways the home has become arguably the most valuable asset you can own.

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In this episode, we cover:

(4:04) Meet Sam Parr and Ben Miller

(4:50) What is Fundrise and how can you buy a piece of real estate

(7:39) Ben’s background in real estate and how he got started

(11:15) Risk and return of investing in real estate

(13:22) Brit’s Airbnb properties in Montana

(16:15) Making money with STRs (short-term rentals)

(18:04) Why domestic rentals will probably do well, even in a struggling economy

(19:22) Will climate change and remote work culture shift us into a more nomadic lifestyle

(21:21) Bouncing around with kids

(24:07) When renting is better than owning

(29:00) Fundrise demographics

(32:20) New spaces for real estate

(38:00) Advantages of prefab houses

(39:00) Investing in lower-cost structures for rentals

(42:00) The evolution of where we have lived, and where we are going with the internet everywhere

(44:47) Products for selling a home

(48:55) How will blockchain change real estate

(54:06) How to get started investing in real estate

(1:01:32) Brit’s closing


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