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Nov. 10, 2022

AI Is Not What You Think — It’s So Much More

AI Is Not What You Think — It’s So Much More
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The world of Artificial Intelligence is nothing new. But, like all great innovations, at some point, they jump from “just a cool idea” to “widespread consumer application.” And that’s exactly what’s happening with AI right now. In this episode featuring Amit Gupta — co-founder of Sudowrite — you’ll learn how today's AI can help you bring to life good ideas. Whether you’re building a business or looking to free up hours in your day, technology is improving at a rate that can help upgrade your life. All you need to do is learn how to access and use the tools and start putting them to work for you. 

Where to find Amit Gupta: 

• Twitter: 

• Website:


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In this episode, we cover:

(02:07) Introducing Amit Gupta from Sudowrite

(03:15) Amit’s first experience with AI with GPT3

(04:17) What is GPT-3

(06:04) How AI at GPT-3 learns and works

(07:50) Machine learning tools in development to help us with our annoying, menial tasks

(08:39) What is prompt engineering

(09:50) How will the fields of engineering and the arts be transformed by AI

(12:22) A fun, new tool to play with, Astria

(13:25) What is Sudowrite, and how the company came about

(15:02) How Sudowrite works to empower writers to focus on what they most enjoy

(18:17) How Sudowrite works across different formats of writing

(19:31) The application of AI in sound

(21:08) Joe Rogan’s podcast with Steve Jobs’ AI

(22:40) The dark side of AI, and how will we learn how to discern between real and AI-generated content

(22:50) Why you should embrace the career possibilities AI could bring

(27:03) The endless possibilities to apply machine learning

(27:50) What is, and what can you do with it

(32:12) How to design your own clothing at Cala

(34:10) Tools to explore for general consumers

(37:17) Amit and Brit’s thoughts on regulations and disclaimers 

(39:49) The importance of human intelligence controlling the AI

(42:08) Amit’s final advice on having and keeping an open mind

(43:05) Brit’s closing



• GPT-3:

• Astria:

• How AI ‘masterfully restored’ Top Gun star Val Kilmer’s voice:

• Joe Rogan’s podcast with AI-generated Steve Jobs:

• What are deepfakes and how can you spot them:

• Personal.Ai:

• Cala:

• Kevin Kelly’s article about robots:

• Unsplash:

• Ben’s Bytes:


• Stable Diffusion:

• Runway:


• Wabi-sabi:

• Watch Heron Netflix:

• Watch Ex Machina on Hulu:


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