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Oct. 20, 2022

Brit’s Guide to Healthier Living

Brit’s Guide to Healthier Living
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This is a special episode of First In Line. Instead of the usual interview, this time, Brit is answering your questions about what she thinks is new and next in the world of health. We’ll explore why Brit doesn’t have a primary care doctor (and the technology she uses instead), what she thinks is more important than diet or exercise, the latest breakthroughs in fertility (for women and men) and pregnancy, and how anyone can prioritize their mental health for a better quality of life. 

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In this episode, we cover:

(2:27) How Q Bio works, and what can you learn from a full-body MRI scan

(06:10) What is a DEXA scan, and how can it help you keep an ideal body composition

(07:54) Why Brit takes weekly measurements, especially during pregnancy

(09:35) Two fertility companies to check out, and why freezing your eggs around the age of 25 boosts your chances of the best possible outcome

(14:26) How Fellow Fertility can help you analyze male fertility from home

(15:00) The brain-body connection, why you should get therapy, and new emerging treatments for mental health

(21:37) Why sleep is the number one priority and what 23andMe can teach you about your sleep needs

(23:32) What is a sleep debt, and why is it important to make up those sleep hours

(26:47) The best pregnancy pillow 

(27:50) What Brit learned about ice baths from Wim Hof

(28:39) How heat therapy can help you shed pounds, and why infrared is the best

(30:00) How Brit helped create Ancient Ritual, a multi-sensory sauna experience

(30:55) How AI and machine learning can help you interpret your biometric data

(31:43) Direct-to-consumer lab testing

(32:18) How telehealth has advanced during the pandemic

(33:04) Brit’s closing


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• Read about Vo2max testing:

• Day One:

• Kindbody:

• CoFertility:

• Fellow Fertility:

• 23andMe:

• Jeff Khan Teaches Brit about Sleep Debt and Circadian Rhythms:

• Eight Sleep:

• Rise App:

• Johns Hopkins psychedelic research:

• Wim Hof method ice baths:

• Ancient Ritual:

• Everlywell:

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