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Dec. 15, 2022

5 Big Predictions For 2023

5 Big Predictions For 2023
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Every day, something new seems to be hyped as the next breakout business or trend. But, more often than not, the initial boom is followed by a bigger bust. And, when you’re trying to get in early, it’s even harder to get it right. In this episode, the season finale of First In Line, you’ll get a front-seat view of what’s most likely to create a splash in the new year. From the excitement around AI to how the recession will affect everything, Brit Morin will share how she’s thinking about the current trends, what bets she’s taking, and why there are still plenty of opportunities for you to be first in line for the next big thing.  

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In this episode, we cover:

(03:40) Amit Gupta discusses what’s to come with AI

(04:56) What is ChatGPT and what can you do with it

(06:49) The need for regulation in AI and the controversy around Lensa

(07:47) Brit’s prediction that we will get a much-needed new social network

(08:28) How Eva Longoria curates her online experience

(10:42) Chris Rock’s take on society’s addiction to attention

(11:20) How Web3 creates ownership for users 

(12:20) Kevin Rose’s explanation of how blockchain technology works

(15:25) Brit’s prediction that AR and VR will start being used by professional trade workers

(16:15) How healthcare is transforming and giving us more options

(18:20) Advances in the mental health space

(18:50) Brit’s thoughts on the recession

(23:00) The future of education and how Brit’s son was able to use AI to write a book


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