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Dec. 8, 2022

The Future of Home Design with Chip and Joanna Gaines & Emily Henderson

The Future of Home Design with Chip and Joanna Gaines & Emily Henderson

Home design is not what it used to be. As popular looks start to make everything feel the same, it’s becoming harder to stand out, create the right style for your home, and maximize value — unless you know exactly what your house needs. When you have insider knowledge about the newest looks, best technologies, and DIY approaches, home design truly becomes an incredibly rewarding experience. To help guide you through the process, Chip and Joanna Gaines will share their invaluable wisdom and experience, and designer Emily Henderson will walk you through the new rules of home design. 

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In this episode, we cover:

(04:16) What’s new with Chip and Joanna and why they got into exteriors 

(05:53) How Joanna makes rentals and flip homes feel like a home

(09:11) How normal people can now get involved in flipping homes and rentals

(13:19) Why a home needs to flow emotionally and why style should be consistent

(15:10) The most popular exteriors 

(16:37) Why Joanna tries to steer her client away from trends

(17:11) The trends Joanna likes currently

(18:19) Why Chip hopes the new season is one that brings us closer to nature

(20:53) How Chip and Joanna started out with renovation and interior design

(23:34) Ways you can dip your toe into the real estate market and why it’s a great time to get involved

(28:18) How Emily got into interior design

(31:04) Emily’s early experiments with design and natural knack for it

(35:59) When to break the rules of design

(38:05) The new rules of design 

(40:02) The most expensive choices to reverse

(41:27) Why Emily is a big fan of everything that’s in style now

(44:22) Why theme rooms are not timeless, and why cookie cutter might not last

(47:02) Thinking outside the box when it comes to wall hangings

(49:30) Why redesigning can be a positive for some, but unnecessary for others

(54:10) Why Emily isn’t big into tech in homes

(56:15) Brit’s techy home and features that help conserve water and energy

(1:04:26) Sustainably renovating on a budget 

(1:08:23) The pros and cons of investing in a rental home and things to consider

(1:15:46) Emily’s final tips for getting started changing your space


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