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A feed favorite! 💕

First In Line is a true feed favorite! Brit has created not only an incredible listening experience with this podcast, but a valuable resource for anyone looking to keep their finger on the pulse of what’s next. Highly recommend tuning in!

Great Topics!

Brit does a great job leading the conversation - I really enjoy these topics! -Elle Bradley, Host of the Lady Empire Podcast

i never realized how much i didn’t know!

I love how much information is packed into these episodes. I thought I knew about spotting trends but this definitely gave me some ideas about how I can do even better. It also balances information with pure fun super well. I’m obsessed!

Always inspiring!!

Brit is an amazing person and her podcast is a reflection of that. She has helped so many women (me included) gather up the courage to launch our dream businesses. I highly recommend ANYthing Brit has her hands on, including this phenomenal podcast!

Love the new format!

I’ve been listening to this podcast for a few years and am so happy the show is back with a new and improved format! Great guests so far keep ‘em coming

I’m so glad I found this podcast

Title says it all. Nice work and thank you Brit for creating something cool, helping people get smarter and giving us insight into topics & experts! So glad I found this podcast. I just subscribed to the happiness lab too (thanks Brit & team!)

Like having coffee with friends

I actually love this podcast so much! It’s an approachable, real, friendly chat. It’s inspiring without being out of reach. Highly highly recommend!

Fun and Informative

Brit has a great style - glad I came across this podcast!

What a fabulous show!

A huge thank you to Brit for creating this awesome podcast filled with interesting topics :)


As an aspiring entrepreneur, this podcast is truly incredible to listen to. It's my favorite way to spend a walk, and there's alway a sentence or two that resonates with me so heavily I have to go back and replay it. It's extremely engaging, and hearing these entrepreneur's stories is insightful and motivating. These self-described bits and pieces of how they've achieved their dreams as well as getting a glimpse of their perspective is invaluable. All around, love this podcast!!

5 stars all around

I follow Brit on IG and really love her content- this podcast is a fabulous extension of her personality and content. The guests are seriously top notch, and I have enjoyed listening. As a female founder myself, I appreciate much of the topics covered here.

Like chatting with friends!

This podcast is like chatting with great and interesting friends, but they’re the friends I would love to have (and don’t!) like Rachel Hollis and Zooey Deschanel. I love learning about the backgrounds of these people that I admire but don’t hear much about in mainstream media, as there’s so much more to these humans than their everyday careers. Brit asks questions that get to the deeper side of people and missions, and always chooses topics and people that leave me excited for what’s coming next from her! Cca

Love this show!

I totally love this show! Brit never fails to bring on engaging guests and pack a ton of insights into the show. From at-home gardening to cooking to mental health, every week I’m truly learning something new but havin’ a blast along the way! : )

Love this podcast!

I am obsessed with this podcast. Brit is such a great host, and the guests are always so fun and informative. I especially enjoyed the episode with Zooey, and learning more about hydroponics!

So inspiring and brightens my day!

Absolutely love spending time with Brit and her podcasts guests! Something new to learn from incredible people.... and as a bonus, always leaves me in a great mood!

Love! Must Listen

Love all things Brit and this podcast series is so on brand — informative, intelligent and fun. Brit brings on phenomenal guests and gets to the heart of topics by asking incisive questions. I usually walk away with a new found high level understanding and a few memorable and specific factoids — exactly what I want out of a podcast.

Great Variety!

I have loved the variety of subjects - many that I would not have looked up on my own. Just an hour and you learn just enough to be dangerous....or to get inspired to dig in more! My favorite episodes have been: Therapy & Meditation (both of which inspired me to listen to the audiobooks!)

Covers a range of subjects - LOVE IT

This is best podcast that adds variety into your streaming from thought leaders in the business world to figuring out what’s good for your health and body with entertainment/pop culture sprinkled in. Truly look forward to new episodes in the future!

Where has this been all my life?!

Love this podcast, I’ve actually learned so much from them👩🏻‍🎓!! Brit and Anj choose great guests and really help them to distill their main points during the conversation so that you get the most potent information. Please keep making these 🙏 I’m all ears!

I Love Learning

I have enjoyed all of these podcasts and can’t wait to see what is coming next!

Perfect mix of entertainment and learning

That’s what they should do at school. Such a fun way to actually learn new things. That are - in addition - very useful for everyday life!

Fun and interesting

Brit asks the questions we all wonder about! This podcast gets to the heart of some salient subjects and is super funny and relatable along the way. Very enjoyable!

Super helpful

Love the variety of guests and Brit’s energy. All of the topics are interesting and many relatable things are discussed.

Fun + Inspiring!

Great vibes, amazing guests, and solid takeaways from each episode! If you want to get inspired and learn without feeling like you’re being lectured to, this is the podcast for you!

In Her circle

Love how you made your business fit your life so you can lee your priorities straight!


I love this innovative idea! We don’t have to settle on one area or one type of interest, but we can learn a little about a lot of things. Keep up the great content!

In Her Circle

Brit has a zest for life, exploration, and trying anything new. I’m excited to learn what she has to offer! After all knowledge is power.

Love to learn with Brit!

This podcast is so inspiring and eye-opening. There are fabulous guests on it with ever-changing topics. I just love it!

Just try

Love her can do enthusiasm!

Love her energy!

Thank you for inspiring curiosity and adventure! Something we all need more of in our lives! emily.abundantgrace 💜