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Sept. 29, 2022

How To Win Big In Web3 with Mila Kunis and Kevin Rose

How To Win Big In Web3 with Mila Kunis and Kevin Rose

Whether or not you understand Web3, there’s one thing you should know: it’s a massive opportunity for almost anyone — if you’re willing to have some growing pains. In this episode, you’ll learn why Web3 just doesn’t have big investors, it’s also a game-changing chance for women and non-binary individuals to get in early where they are typically left out. Kevin Rose shares his lessons for growing Moonbirds to $500 million in just four months, and Mila Kunis explains how she has used Web3 to launch passion projects and create value for fans like never before. 

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In this episode, we cover:

(06:30) Meet Kevin Rose and Mila Kunis

(07:36) What is Web3, and how will it shift power to the people

(09:06) How blockchain keeps people honest

(12:20) Analogies to further explain blockchain

(18:03) Kevin's Doge experiment in 2014

(22:10) Mila's introduction to crypto

(25:00) Mila's passion project using NFTs in animation

(31:01) Why Hollywood didn’t get it right

(32:04) Mila's next project with the NFT community

(37:56) The PROOF Collective

(40:47) Explanation of the Moonbirds NFTs

(45:46) How women and non-binary folks have been excluded from financial and tech opportunities

(50:00) How to encourage marginalized folks to get involved in Web3 and the advantages of a diverse team

(55:00) Gatekeeping in the web3 community

(1:00:15) Big picture on web3 and ideas for keeping lower-income folks engaged

(1:04:00) Why NFTs and crypto should be seen more as a hobby

(1:07:36) Brit's closing


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