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Fun and Inspiring

Love the variety in Brit’s podcast. Inspires me to want to try new things♥️ Thank You!!


Great that are keeping it real! And heard from a group of great women! It was awesome the mastermind meeting!

Brit is inspirational!

Brit had such awesome energy and enthusiasm! You can’t help but get inspired when you listen to her!

Love it!

Obviously being a fan of Brit + Co, I knew I’d love this. Brit is such a good example that we should never stop learning and always be curious!

So good!

I love it!!

Alway Informative

I always walk away with a little more than I started with.


Brit is so inspiring and willing to give off herself and her knowledge.

Brit is the best!

I was introduced to Brit through Cathy Heller’s Podcast. Love Brit’s story. Check out her podcast for sure.

Energy and inspiring!

This is a great podcast to get you out of your comfort zone and give yourself permission to try something new!! Love the energy and inspiration to Live our best life with new experiences.

Fun and informative

I love her carefree yet deliberate take on life!!! One of my faves!!!

Get motivated!

If she doesn’t make you want to try new things, I don’t know who will!!


Love the Give It a Week idea!!

Love the variety!

Brit’s podcasts are great! Love the variety & how she puts a different spin & perspective on things!


All I can say is TRUTH! If you need to be set straight with blunt truth, tune in here!!!

Brit is amazing

Such good stuff.


Love the variety!👏🏻

Learn something new!

Who doesn’t want to keep learning? Brit’s curiosity it contagious can’t wait for the next episode!!

Looking forward to more!

Love the energy and LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the interviews! Thank you!

Keep Learning!

I love to learn and the message of this show resonates with that learner in me! You are never to young to learn something new. Yeah!

Amazing mindset!

The mindset to just do it! If you want to learn something new… just do it! Try it! See if you like it… amazing… I am so glad that I have been “introduced“ to Brit and Brit

So Much Muchness!!!

Brit is a multipassionate creative after my own heart. I love that she inspires people to stay curious, to keep learning, keep trying new things and to remember how to have fun as a grown up. I also love that she addresses real stressors with helpful solutions in her episodes with other experts.


Lots of different and insightful info


Found this podcast today and I am so excited to listen to every episode! I love to learn new things and up for a challenge.

Thank you for Mastermind 10-14-20 Podcast with Cathy Heller and 4 more!!!

So honored and enjoyed being a part of your Mastermind Podcast with Cathy Heller, Gina DeVee, Amy Purdy, Alison J Prince, Allie Casazza, and Jill Stanton! I feel so inspired! (: 💕💕ThankfulSingleMomma/Nicole Williams


Can’t wait to dig in and learn more from you!

Brit is a true GEM!

Anything coming from Brit Morin is something I want in on! Her outlook on life is contagious and this podcast is a perfect example of that!


I got to hear Brit speak on a masterclass today. Her story is very inspiring. Can’t wait to hear more.


Love Brits ideas and the idea of trying something new. Always learning new things and create new pathways in your brain.

So inspirational

What an amazing woman and so inspirational

Full of wonderful interesting input.

This is one you want in your podcast arsenal for sure.