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Love the show

Especially Ashton and Mila. Looking forward to more episodes.

So Cool!

What a great listen - really insightful about our young hs population on the difference they are in comparison to myself in the 80’s! A great podcast - i’ll be listening to more!

so so great!

love listening to her! helps me get through the day. Such great information pouring out of her. Love that she is sharing her knowledge with everyone!!!!!!


I’m new to podcasts and heard Brit speak at a Mastermind Class and couldn’t wait to hear more motivational conversations. What a true inspiration💜

Fun listen

Brit is fun to listen to and helps me think o can try anything. Trying a different thing each week is a real plan that I can do. And learn new things and meet new people. Ingenious. Thank you!

Girl power!

Hey I can’t wait to listen to every single podcast and be a little more empowered every day!


I love Brit and Co. The podcasts are entertaining and informational. It’s like having brunch with the girls while learning something new.

Love the variety

Love all the different topics covered. Wonderful I formation and very inspiring. Gets my “learning juices” flowing!!! Love it.

First time listener

Insightful and fun! Inspired me to learn more!


I want to learn something new… Love the concept of giving new things a try for a week and moving on… some might stick, some won’t no harm in trying.

So fun!!

What a fun and happy podcast! I love learning new things and feeling positive afterwards!

Interior design with Justina Blackeney

made me want to change everything in my house! LOL. I love design and decor.

Never have I ever

Amazing podcast! So much wisdom and just go for it and show up!

Great info - thank you!

Need to go back and listen to all of it! :D

I am doing it!

I am actually going to start posting!!!

Learn Something New

I love learning something new every day. Great podcast.

A smorgasbord for the brain!

I’ve been following Brit


I love the inspiring content!

Easy listening

Love these podcasts. Informative, entertaining, and easy to listen to.

Love the interaction

The interviews and the interaction is completely enjoyable!

Love her!

So inspirational!!

Love it

Thank you for showing me that’s it’s ok to want to do more than one thing! It’s a great podcast


Brit is a great inspiration for me. She encourages me and I can see what is actually possible.


Such fire to hear amazing women teaching us not to give up and create a life we love! Thank you


Good stuff!

Yay for this podcast!

I’ve been a fan of Brit for a while, but just recently realized that she had a podcast. I’m enjoying it so much and look forward to listening more.

A great listen

I love Brit + Co and really love this podcast. From varying content, to light and cheery discussion, it makes me happy and curious to try new things


What an inspiration!

So cool

What a cool and interesting podcast. Really great information and inspirational!


Completely inspired me to change my life!