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Maureen D’Aloia

So grateful to Brit for taking the time today to share her knowledge and insightfulness!

Loving the Learning

I’m new to Brit, and loving the variety of information ❤️. Excited to catch up on past episodes and taking it all in!!!!

Teach me something new

I am always trying to learn something new! Love her philosophy

So much good stuff!

I’ve only listened to two so far and can’t wait to binge listen to the rest!!!!!

Fun and Relatable

I just started listening and I am loving it. Brit keeps it fun and relatable.

What fun!!

It was so much fun listening to your gen z podcast today AFTER I was blessed with being in on the Zoom meeting with you and others! So so grateful to have had both opportunities and looking forward to hearing more!! Thank you!

So helpful!

I just found this podcast and it’s already been so helpful. Excited to listen to more!


I’ve never been so inspired. Thank you. And thank you again

Girl boss!

So inspired!

Brit is Amazing!

Lifelong learner? Want to experience life outside your habitual one? These podcasts get your “what if” juices flowing!!!!

Thank you!

I love learning new things! Can’t wait to dive in and listen to the all!

The pack mentality 😔

We have to deprogrammed ourselves from the cultural conditioning we’ve accepted as the norm. Can’t wait to read Untamed!


Brit and Co makes learning something new. Her podcast is relatable and fun to listen too.

Motivating and innovative!

Brit is the realest of the real and nothing can stop her! She teaches us that nothing can stop us either! Learning something new is so important for everyone and Brit makes it easy to do that every day!

Absolutely Loved!

I just found Brit and loved everything she shared. I can’t wait to learn more from her!


I love the episode about money mindset because I always need help with this!

Wow - So Much To Learn

I love this podcast! The idea of learning something new continually is needed right now! Thanks for putting this all out here for people like me!

Love this!

I love Brit’s passion for creativity and her fearlessness in trying something new. It’s ok to get messy, make mistakes, and have fun in the journey! Can’t wait to listen to more!

Yes! The Voice we all need right now.

Interesting, funny, honest. All my favorite things.

Such an inspiration

Had the opportunity to listen to Brit on a group zoom and she inspired me to #giveitaweek! Making my list of 52 things to try. Such powerful stuff!


I’ve loved the classes on Brit & Co. I’m so happy I found this podcast!

Brit’s the best

Love this podcast, so informative and supportive.

Fun and inspirational

Love listening to Brit and her knowledge and resources inspire me !

Parenting young kids with Daphne Oz

Loved listening to these ladies talk parenting, marriage, “balancing it all” and make up. Great content and very approachable.


I recently heard Brit speak and enjoyed what she had to offer in the group. I am very intrigued to dive in to what else she has to offer!


So obsessed with Brit and her podcast! I really enjoy listening to a new episode every week with a brand new topic. She always asks great interview questions with really great guest speakers. Definitely recommend!!

Brit is eye opening!

Such an inspiration to listen to Brit. She encourages you to face your fears and just go for it!


I had the opportunity of listening to Brit Morin today and she really inspired me with the bucket list of things she has accomplished in her young and oh so inspiring life...and it doesn't sound like she's hardly done by a long shot! I could listen to over and over again...and I will. Thank you for your encouragement


I love this podcast! I love hearing how they balance family and their biz, and tons of business tips too.


This is just what I needed