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Inspiring and fun!

I ❤️the variety on content in this podcast. She truly does love to learn. She makes it fun to learn and grow creatively. Pushing myself to learn something new!

In Her Circle

Thank you!

Happy to Learn

I love to learn and Bri has so much to teach.

Time to Get Creative

Allow yourself to get creative and get messy! Helpful podcast in many areas of life.


Thank you for putting this out here for me to expand my mind and for me to do some learning!

So refreshing!

Every podcast is so different! Can’t wait to hear what next weeks podcast will teach me!

5 Stars!!

Omg expand your creativity!! So encouraging and expanding!!

You can learn anything!

Brit is pure 🔥 She drops wisdom and makes learning something new, accessible and fun!

Great Podcast

Love her podcast. I love how she has so many different topics. I feel like I really relate to Brit because I am always trying to learn new things just like she does. I like that she has so many cool guests too!!


Love the variety of topics that are covered! Always learn something new from this podcast!

So fun!

I really enjoyed this podcast. Super insightful and fun! Can’t wait to hear more episodes!


Such a fun and interesting podcast! Full of information!

So good!

Such a great company & podcast! Loved the episode with Glennon Doyle!


Excellent content and engaging listens!

Brit is a powerhouse!

I love her energy and advice.

Need to do a list!

There have always been things I have wanted to do but never have. I think lots of people have bucket lists but many don’t actually write it down and put in the work to accomplish those things. I don’t want more time to pass me by and regret not doing things anymore!

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Brit wants you to be you. To do that you have to find you and continue to grow and discover yourself. Brit is such an encouragement. Listening is well worth your time.

Encouraged to learn something new

I think Brit’s concept is excellent - it is empowering to learn something new. It expands our horizons, and helps us enjoy life!!!!

Great for anyone stuck in there own head.

This podcast is so positive and encouraging. Why not discover new things?


I love the variety of topics and how she hits on so many areas of life. I always learn something new and something I can apply to my life!

Fun and Empowering!

She is so positive, encouraging, and willing to share knowledge!

I love learning!

So excited I found your podcast! So much food info and inspiration! Loving it!


Lots of useful and motivational help! I’m grateful for finding this podcast and energy!


I always enjoy listening to all the valuable things shared in these podcasts! So much gold right here!


So much to enjoy and learn through this lady! Listen listen listen!

The greatest gift

EDUCATION and the joy of learning Brits motivation to learn and the platform she presents is priceless D The DViner Donna Goldman

Fun and Inspiring

She will fill you with wisdom, inspiration, and motivation.

I’ll give it more than a week

Holy motivation! Such a inspiration. Feeling stuck? Try something new. In a bad mood? Try something new. Low energy for you down? TRY SOMETHING NEW!

Fantastic podcast!

Insightful interviews, keeps it real and is just a fun delight to listen to! Brit is an intelligent woman and a pleasure to learn from! Love this podcast

A great listen!

If you’re looking for a fun listen, but also to learn and find a way to bridge innovation, technology, since, and creativity, this is the podcast for you.